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Steve Butterworth
Unlike a lot of the 'garage trade' nowadays, Craig's shop is absolutely 'top~drawer'. The work that they turn out is exceptional, they aren't afraid to go that extra mile in order to ensure total satisfaction. I don't hesitate to recommend C&C Auto Interiors to anybody requiring a 'better than new' finish. STEVE BUTTERWORTH (Vice Chairman~Ford Cortina Mk2 &1600E Owners Club)

Alan Hughes 
Craig repaired my 1600E after an accident at a T junction, superb workmanship, colour match is spot on, thanks Craig and the lads

Alan Bullen
Cortina interiors are done better than new.  Awesome work!

Steve Smith
Craig did my replica Ferrari, it was an awesome job.  Having had lots of replicas done at different trimmer's previously, I can honestly say Craig is the best I have used. He goes the extra mile, and offers good input to improve my ideas.
I will 100% use Craig and his team again and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  First class job.

Rick Lawrence
Craig REALLY knows what he is doing. Top quality job at a great price.  Thanks for doing my Mk1 Cortina Visors and panel trims....Love em!


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